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The Narconon program’s exceptional success rate speaks for itself. A study in Spain, for example, found 78.37 percent still drug-free a year after the program.

In the United States, the average cost for incarcerating offenders is $25,000 to $40,000 per year per inmate. Yet prisons and county jails are a “revolving door,” with 80 percent or more offenders returning to jail after release. A very large percentage of those arrested commit their crimes either while drugged or intoxicated or as a result of trying to support their addictions.

Thus, of great significance is Narconon’s effectiveness in dramatically reducing criminal recidivism. Every single study done of the Narconon program’s effect on criminal offenders with drug and alcohol histories has shown a stunning reduction in their rate of return to the justice system. As early as 1975, a study at Delaware Correctional Center revealed that 84 percent of the Narconon graduates who had done more than just one Narconon course had no further arrest. In Connecticut, there were zero arrests within a year, compared to 66 percent in the control group. An ongoing formal outcome study of program results from two US Narconon centers treating addicts with heavy drug and criminal histories has shown an eighteen-month to two-year 83 percent reduction in criminal activity and 95 percent reduction in arrests.

Another evaluation of the Narconon program at this same time was conducted in what was then West Berlin. It showed a 92 percent reduction in the arrest rate in the year following program completion. This compared to a 50 percent rearrest rate in the control group.


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