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Narconon International has also worked in close coordination with prestigious scientific researchers and research institutes to study the healthfulness and specific application of L. Ron Hubbard’s body detoxification procedure, a vital component of Narconon delivery. A sufficient number of fully realized studies accumulated from areas as far spread as California, Yugoslavia, Russia and Kazakhstan leading to two International Conferences on Human Detoxification that were hosted by Narconon International and other organizations in Los Angeles in 1995 and in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1997. In Los Angeles a study was presented by Megan Shields, MD, and Shelley Beckmann, PhD, that clinically demonstrated cocaine and Valium metabolites being excreted in the sweat and urine as a result of this detoxification procedure. At the Stockholm conference, a group of sixteen doctors and scientists from Russia’s esteemed Academy of Medical Science and Kazakhstan presented a coordinated battery of two-year studies they had performed on participants in the detox program, demonstrating uniformly significant improvements in physical health and overall well-being. In consequence, several new Narconon programs opened in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Narconon programs are administered by dedicated individuals who choose to work with Narconon because it has proven itself in the drug rehabilitation field. In some cases these staff are Scientologists. In many other cases, they are those who have progressed themselves from addict to ex-addict to contributing Narconon staff member.


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