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The Narconon program consists of a series of exercises, drills and study steps done in a precise sequence. The study materials and workbook shown here guide the individual through the program.

Narconon also operates one of the largest training and rehabilitation facilities of its kind in the world, the Narconon International New Life Center. This facility brings a new life to many in need of rehabilitation, with the highest quality and most effective drug rehabilitation program available in the world. It is also here that Narconon personnel come from many countries for training to administer this Narconon program to others. Narconon New Life Center is the international training center, turning out highly qualified and competent staff fully trained in L. Ron Hubbard’s technology. These dedicated Narconon staff return to their cities and countries to bring a new life to drug and alcohol abusers throughout the world.

Narconon’s efficacy comes entirely from the technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard who, years before the drug crisis became headline news internationally, had extensively researched the antisocial side effects of drugs.

He discovered the insidious effects not only of illegal or “street” drugs but also of alcohol and psychiatric drugs – the latter often far more devastating and injurious than the original condition they were intended to “cure.”

Narconon utilizes a completely drug-free rehabilitation program to restore life to drug and alcohol abusers and give them back control of their lives.


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