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Through courses in L. Ron Hubbard's administrative technology, one can learn the organizational know-how to completely reverse any downtrend in life and successfully manage any group endeavor.


Some 40,000 of these specialist courses had been given by the late 1990s. And successes reached far beyond business and professional applications. Many of the College’s course graduates report that, as a result of the organizational know-how they have gained, other areas of their life improve as well – they have a more positive overall outlook, salvaged marriages, happier family life, and have achieved many of the personal goals they have been striving for.

As stated by one executive, “I can honestly say that L. Ron Hubbard’s organizational material has made a profound difference in the employees and my company – not only adding great value to our business, but also to our personal lives.”

Worldwide availability of this extraordinary technology became a reality in the 1990s when the Hubbard College expanded behind the former iron curtain. As reported by one recent graduate, the general director of a Fortune 500 company’s subsidiary in Russia: “I would like to express my respect and compliments, and say it is an honor to write this in appreciation of your personal efforts, and those of your colleagues of Hubbard College of Administration, who shared their knowledge and experience so generously with us. Your supervisors led us by the example of their professionalism to new heights of experience in business ... The introduction of the elements of Hubbard technology yielded positive results, no question about it.”


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