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For all the talk of fortunes made on Wall Street, of how we are better off now than four years ago and other such statements which paint a generally rosy economic picture, the realities faced by millions give less cause for optimism. The grim realities include (depending upon where you live) inflation, recession, lowered productivity, imbalance of trade, bankruptcy, national debts, strikes, unemployment, poverty and want. And these well-known symptoms of economic instability are actually indicators of a much deeper problem: a crippling lack of administrative know-how. If today’s businesses and governments could grasp and competently apply the basic principles of organization and administration, they would enact workable solutions to end social and economic chaos rather than perpetuate it. Increased survival on the third and fourth dynamics would inevitably result.

Instilling the workable technology of administration into a society which is suffering from a severe lack of workable management tools is a mammoth task. And viewed against the background of boom-and-bust economics and unstable societal and governmental structures, the urgency of the situation is even more apparent.

WISE offers the hope of improvement. Its members bring sanity and order into the business community. In fact, every WISE member is a point of stability that reduces confusion in this uncertain world. Businesses can prosper, governments can rule wisely and populations can live without economic duress. With L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology, the goals that have evaded society for so long are within reach.


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