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Utilizing public events with just as much efficiency, Mexican Scientologists run a “Say No to Drugs” campaign, assisted by well-known entertainers in cities such as Torreón, Guadalajara and Mexico City. Similarly, South African Scientologists inaugurated a “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” Honor Roll, with events at schools, clubs and other organizations. To date, tens of thousands of South Africans have signed the honor roll, including the mayors from Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Soweto.

In both Australia and New Zealand, Scientologists campaign against drug abuse with a “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” Honor Roll, receiving support from a wide range of sports celebrities, including the legendary New Zealand All Blacks rugby team and many famous automobile and motorcycle racing stars.

Children in many countries have also adopted the “Drug-Free Marshals” campaign, adapting the name for their group according to their own choice.

Australia has a growing and active group of “Drug-Free Ambassadors” who have taken on projects such as painting murals with anti-drug messages in prominent city locations. The “Drug-Free Ambassadors” in Canada have enlisted city officials and celebrities in their efforts to keep their peers away from drugs. In South Africa, schoolteachers participate in the campaign, and thousands of “Drug-Free Marshals” participate in weekly activities including essays and lectures about the drug problem and its solutions. In Spain, the “Drugbusters” have formed a soccer team which promotes the benefit of keeping the world of sport drug-free.


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