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To create a safer environment, Italian “Say No to Drugs” teams frequently lead city drives to clear local parks of used hypodermic syringes left by drug addicts.

Groups of church volunteers and celebrities in Italy lead regular citywide drives to round up and safely dispose of used hypodermic syringes, discarded in public parks by addicts – potentially lethal hazards. Rome, Verona, Padova, Torino, Brescia, Pordenone, Novara, Monza, Florence and Milan have all benefited from such cleanup drives. Officials in many of these cities support this important public service by providing equipment to collect and dispose of the discarded syringes.

Scientologists’ industry in combating drug abuse has been widely recognized. Scores of cities throughout the world have issued commendations to the Church for its anti-drug work. From Perth to Adelaide in Australia, from Madrid to Stockholm to Milan in Europe, from Cape Town to Pretoria in South Africa, from more than forty cities in the United States and fifty in Canada, city governments have recognized the value of the efforts of Scientologists in this area. In fact, wherever one finds a Church of Scientology, one will find Scientologists making a concerted effort to turn youth and adults away from drugs.


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