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Membership in the Association is open to any Scientologist. There are three categories of membership:

1. Introductory Membership:


All new Scientologists are invited to receive a free six-month introductory membership. Beginning members also receive magazines and informational mailings from the IAS about membership activities and recent news concerning the practice of Scientology around the world.

2. Annual Membership:

Annual membership is valid for one year. It entitles the holder to benefits granted by the Association including a membership card and copies of IMPACT, the Association’s magazine.


Annual members also receive written briefings to keep them abreast of events and other important news in Scientology, invitations to events sponsored by the Association, and the right to participate in IAS award programs and projects.

3. Lifetime Membership:

Lifetime membership is valid for the lifetime of the holder and entitles him to all benefits and privileges granted by the Association.


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