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Members of the International Association are entitled to certain rights and privileges as granted by the Association. In addition, the Church of Scientology International has adopted membership in the International Association of Scientologists as its official Scientology membership system and provides special privileges and benefits to Association members so they may more quickly move up the Bridge.

In addition to different categories of membership, special honor statuses are awarded to acknowledge extraordinary contributions toward achieving the goals of the Association. These honor statuses are valid for the duration of the membership of the holder. Categories include: Sponsor of the Association, Crusader, Member on the Honor Roll, Patron of the Association, Patron with Honors, Patron Meritorious, Silver Meritorious, Gold Meritorious and Member on the Senior Honor Roll. Members attaining these statuses are acknowledged with publication of their names to all members and presentation of pins and plaques at special award dinners.

In addition, anyone in agreement with the Pledge to Mankind and the aims of Scientology, even if he does not attend a church of Scientology or participate in its religious services may, upon contribution to the Association, be accorded the status of Associate. Associate status does not entitle the holder to the benefits and privileges of membership.


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