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A local Scientology church is both a spiritual and a social hub for its parishioners — a bustling center of activity and a focal point for the religion. The next level in the hierarchy above missions and groups, these churches express their own special ambience. It is partly the friendliness, partly the sense of dedication that permeates the place, and partly the dynamic mix of people, individuals of different ages, backgrounds and lifestyles all working so well together under one roof. All of these combine to result in what L. Ron Hubbard characterized simply as “the spirit of Scientology.”

And that spirit is unique.

Like Scientology field groups and missions, a local church provides introductory lectures, workshops, seminars and other religious services to people new to Scientology. This is where those who are curious about Scientology can call or visit and immediately find out about — and participate in, if they wish — introductory services. And it is where they can also discover exactly how to chart their path to Clear and beyond.


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