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I have just achieved the state of Clear! It is nothing short of miraculous to be rid of one’s reactive mind and to have the accompanying freedom, happiness and newfound abilities that I know are lasting. When I first read the Dianetics book and learned for the first time the truth about the mechanics of the mind and how it all works, I wanted to go Clear.

It is an incredible relief to finally understand myself and to know with certainty the cause of man’s aberrations, his downfalls, his sorrows and that these can be eradicated to make way for a new life of competence and happiness. The day-to-day problems and obstacles in life no longer pin me down in unwanted conditions. I am able to set and reach any goals that I create and positively affect my relationships with others and family.

Since achieving the state of Clear, I notice that my family and friends are doing far better as well, and I am much more capable of helping them. The doors to my future have blown wide open with potential and possibilities.

State of Clear


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