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It’s been many years since I went Clear but the feeling of vitality has never faded. Being Clear, I am able to see things as they are, rather than viewing them through my own reactivity. I notice that though other people might get very upset or frustrated about problems and troubles, I can just view the actual situation and decide on the best solution to handle it rather than automatically REACTING or losing my temper and saying something I would later regret. With my marriage, being Clear has had a tremendous effect. I feel that communication is the basis of a good marriage. Because I am Clear my ability to communicate is very good and I have a very happy marriage. I have been able to enter a newly chosen career full speed ahead, without veering off onto any side roads or worrying if it was all going to work. It’s very easy to do things because I’m definite in my decisions. I know what I can achieve.

Achieving the state of Clear released me from the barriers of life and left me with a definite sense of freedom.

State of Clear


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