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The Class VIII Course has resulted in a quantum leap in my auditing skills. Whereas earlier I felt that I had a mountain of information that I had to remember and use while auditing, now I am just there, relaxed and in communication with the preclear and naturally doing the next correct thing without having to think about it.

Auditing has been reduced to a simplicity where the tech is simply part of me — I own it and can use it with no effort, worry or thought. I can only liken it to an athletic skill. A great athlete is so highly trained that he doesn’t think about his next action as that would be much too slow — he simply does it.

I feel honored and privileged to be among the elite of Scientology auditors and being able to help others so effectively in ways that have never before been possible. Auditing is now easy and pure pleasure with every session ending in an excellent result. Thank you, Ron, for this priceless gift - you have made my life truly worthwhile.

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