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Listening to the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lectures was the most rewarding training I have ever done as an auditor. Every detail of research that L. Ron Hubbard did at Saint Hill during the 1960s is covered in these tapes and listening to them is really like sitting right next to him and learning how he developed the Bridge to Total Freedom, step by step.

These lectures not only cover all the basic underlying theory of the Bridge but also address just about every facet of life. Mr. Hubbard gives incredible facts about man’s past, politics, religion, study, different cultures, music, art and a myriad of other subjects. Once you have heard all these lectures you have a comprehensive understanding of life. What I gained as an auditor from these tapes and this course was a complete certainty on auditing basics.

Auditing became the simplest thing in the world to do because any and all seeming complexities got swiftly eradicated and I just knew that I was able to get any preclear through anything in auditing with ease and with 100 percent results every time.

Saint Hill Special Briefing Course


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