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I just completed training on the Academy Levels and the knowledge contained in them has changed my life in numerous ways. I am now much more at cause and know how things are going to go in my life.

The most rewarding part of the Academy Levels is to sit down in the auditing room with another person and administer the processes and experience the elation when my preclear gets rid of some aberrated pattern he’s had all his life.

One has to do it to experience it. The preclear’s complexion gets bright, his eyes very bright and clear and a big smile comes across his face and he looks at you with a “what do you know, I thought I would have to live with that for the rest of my life!” expression that tells you what’s occurred to him and you know you have made life and livingness a brighter activity for that person. I cannot thank L. Ron Hubbard enough for all the love and caring he put into this work, to ensure that each person who wants to help others change will understand and be able to apply his discoveries.

Academy Level Training


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