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I was educated for four years at one of the finest universities in the world but I honestly have to say that there were any number of lectures I heard while doing the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course which taught me more about myself, others and life than any ten courses I took in college. L. Ron Hubbard’s depth of understanding of life and the mind was so far beyond anything my professors could teach me that doing the Briefing Course was like a university education several times over. By the time I did the course I was already a trained and experienced auditor but studying all the materials of Dianetics and Scientology in the order that L. Ron Hubbard discovered them gave me a total understanding of his technology and I was able to make it my own because I followed and understood exactly how he did it. As an auditor I have all the technology under my belt now and I know I can help any person improve. Helping someone else discover more about himself is the most satisfying activity I know and the Briefing Course is the course that teaches you all the technology of how to do this. I have learned in Scientology that there is a technology to life and that once yov’ve learned it, you know it forever. The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course is the most thorough education in life that exists anywhere.

Saint Hill Special Briefing Course


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