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The first thing that struck me about Scientology is that it made sense. I could think with the data. The second was that it actually WORKED and that is why I became a Scientologist. I’ve been a Scientologist for over twenty-five years and I’m still awed daily by the things I’ve learned through Scientology. Not only did my dreams come true but along the way the quality of my life became rich, filled with decency and integrity. My awareness and perception have increased a thousand fold and I have an unshakable certainty that, through Scientology, it is possible to achieve true spiritual freedom. Scientology is simply the finest thing I have encountered in my entire existence.

Today I have a magnificent wife, four incredible children and I wake up each morning knowing that I am contributing to the betterment of my family, society and the world around me.

Scientology has made it possible for me to lead a full and productive life.

Jeff Pomerantz


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