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Since I did my very first course, a communications course, I’ve been able to apply Scientology to every part of my life. I’m co-founder and executive director of The School of the Natural Voice here in Los Angeles. I have hundreds of singers come to me for voice lessons. Most of my time is spent applying the simplest Scientology technology to their lives, just to help them gain confidence in themselves and their ability. My own singing career has flourished through the use of Scientology. I apply the administrative technology to my business and it’s helped me build a business I never knew I had the potential to do. It’s one thing for me to sit here and spout off about how great Scientology is and have someone else read what I’m saying and say, “Oh yeah, well you’re just saying those things because someone asked you to.” All I can say is take ONE PIECE OF DATA and apply it to a part of your life standardly and see what happens. I’m amazed at how it works exactly the way it’s supposed to work every time.

Gloria Rusch-Novello
Singer, Writer & Actress


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