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Confusions about the E-Meter

The E-Meter is a very accurate instrument and the full gains in auditing are impossible without its use. Confusions about what the E-Meter does or how it works can interfere with auditing. The meter does not diagnose or cure anything. Its value is in helping the auditor locate areas of spiritual travail and charge in the preclear’s reactive mind, and in this capacity it is invaluable.

At the beginning of auditing the preclear is shown how to hold the meter electrodes, and has the meter’s use in auditing explained to him. The meter electrodes and other conditions need to be adjusted to fit the preclear for comfort or else false readings can be obtained which can mislead the auditor in session. For instance, if the preclear’s hands are excessively dry and calloused, a hand cream may need to be applied in order to ensure proper skin contact. Such things as an uncomfortably cool auditing room or wearing shoes that are too tight can also affect the operation of the meter. The auditor is trained to check for and handle this kind of thing before session.


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