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Not Staying in Communication with the Auditor

The preclear should remain in communication with his auditor. If he feels an unusual or new sensation, he should inform the auditor; he can help to the degree that communication with him is maintained. If the auditor does something that the preclear doesn’t like, the preclear should inform the auditor immediately. The communication should not be kept to oneself or saved for the neighbors. Failure to maintain good communication can stop auditing progress entirely. If the preclear feels something is wrong, he should say so. Auditors are usually perceptive but few are psychic.

To receive help as a preclear, a person has to be honest with his auditor. If he doesn’t tell his auditor what is really going on – even things he’s done that he is ashamed of or for which he thinks he’ll be thought less of – he will simply block his own progress up the Bridge. A preclear should also take responsibility for his own case. As he consciously works toward his own improvement he will enhance his progress. He should follow instructions, but help the auditor by remaining in communication with him and by telling him whenever he feels there is something he would like to talk about or work on.


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