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Studying While Tired, Hungry or on Drugs

Trying to study and learn without being well rested and well fed is an error. It is very hard to understand the information being studied when one’s attention is fixed on one’s body. It is also a mistake to drink alcohol or to take any kind of drugs while attempting to study.

Taking drugs while studying would defeat the purpose of training, which is to increase a person’s awareness and ability. Drugs, whether medical or street drugs or even alcohol, have the opposite effect and impair the senses, the intelligence and the ability to view things clearly. Many medical drugs cause serious side effects, such as hallucinations or mental disturbances. For this reason, taking drugs while doing a Scientology service is forbidden.

Even if a person is no longer taking drugs, if he has taken many drugs in the past, he may have trouble studying until the effects of the drugs have been eradicated.

Persons who have used drugs do the Purification program and the Drug Rundown – auditing that addresses and handles the damage caused by drugs, enabling them to think clearly once again.


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