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Receiving Training While Connected to Someone Who Is Against Spiritual Betterment

Someone connected to a person who does not want to see him become better and more self-determined will not be able to obtain and keep his gains from Scientology training. There is a great amount of information available in Scientology which fully describes this phenomenon and explains how to deal with it.

Suppose a wife is unhappy being a housewife and wants a career of her own where she can use her abilities yet she is too timid to resolve the matter with her husband, who is violently opposed to the idea and believes a wife’s place is in the home.

She begins Scientology training and starts to become stronger and more self-confident. The husband, viewing her progress as a threat to his own plans and comfort, tells his wife that he will divorce her and leave her with no support if she does not stop attending Scientology services. Or perhaps she comes home after an evening at the church, tells her husband how much she is learning and how great she feels, and he sourly states that he does not see any difference in her. This situation will cause a phenomenon whereby the person feels much better at first and is steadily improving but then loses her gains.


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