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Level 0 – Class 0 Auditor
(Hubbard Recognized Scientologist)

The first state one achieves through Scientology Expanded Grades auditing is that of a being who is in communication in life. In developing the techniques of auditing to bring man to this state, L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “He who can truly communicate to others is a higher being who builds new worlds.”

This Academy Level not only increases your ability to communicate, but teaches you the most basic actions of auditing, such as proper session form and how to use the E-Meter in specific auditing processes. Through your study of Mr. Hubbard’s basic books and lectures you gain a full grasp of communication as a subject – what it is, what blocks it and how such barriers can ruin a person’s life. In his practical training, the Level 0 Auditor learns each of the techniques of ARC Straightwire and Grade 0 (see Chapter 13). In so doing, you gain the skill to fully rehabilitate another’s innate ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject.


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