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Scientology auditor training begins with the Hubbard Professional TR Course, the Hubbard Professional Upper Indoc TR Course and the Hubbard Professional Metering Course.

Once you have completed your theory section and auditing, you begin practical drilling of the training routines. Each TR develops a specific skill in a basic part of communication. As one’s ability to confront (in this sense, meaning to face another person comfortably without flinching or avoiding) underlies all communication, the first drill, called the “be there” TR, teaches one to just be there, comfortably, and confront. This is accomplished even with distractions, since one cannot hope to communicate well if he is shy, nervous or unwilling to simply be there to communicate.

On subsequent drills, you learn how to deliver a communication so it is received and understood by another; to acknowledge another’s communication in such a manner that the other person knows he has been heard and understood; to deliver a communication with clarity and detect when any misunderstanding has occurred; to capably elicit and acknowledge answers to your questions (an important skill in living and a vital one in auditing); to effectively address anything others say – and maintain ARC with them – no matter what they might bring up.

These drills are executed in an exact sequence, each one building on the ones done earlier, each mastered before going on to the next. By doing the drills in this manner, you not only become aware of poor communication habits or patterns you may have previously developed, but learn to communicate effectively. With these skills, an auditor can competently direct a preclear in auditing sessions so he achieves the full spiritual benefit of auditing.

And, with these higher-level abilities mastered, you become far more able to perceive and more confidently deal with the world around you. The end result is an individual who, with his communication skills alone, can handle any social situation no matter how rough and can expertly and flawlessly guide a preclear through any situations that arise in an auditing session.


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