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Hubbard Professional Upper Indoc TR Course

The next basic skill needed by an auditor or, for that matter, any successful person, is the ability to get that which one intends, his intention, across and carried out in life. Integral to this is one’s control over the things he encounters in everyday living and his ability to competently direct people and situations.

One is successful in life to the degree that he can start, change or stop the things and people within his environment. And in auditing, there is no more important factor than the auditor’s ability to guide a preclear through a session with positive, helpful control.

This skill is learned on the Hubbard Professional Upper Indoc TR Course. Indoc is short for indoctrination (meaning “to teach”) and Upper Indoc TRs, as they are called, are the series of TRs that follow Professional TRs in auditor training.

If one looks squarely at the subject, one sees that it is not possible to accomplish anything in life if one cannot exert control. How, for example, can one drive a car one cannot start, change and stop? Control is vital to any endeavor, including auditing. Skillful control makes for more positive application of auditing techniques and greater, surer spiritual gain for the preclear.

When you complete this course you can adroitly start, change and stop communication and direct other people. Your abilities in this area are thoroughly drilled until this proficiency is attained.

Control is a subject all auditors must master and, factually, is something everyone needs to know. The Professional Upper Indoc TR Course is where such expertise is attained.


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