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L. Ron Hubbard


Further, he pointed out that written and spoken communication was not invented by grammarians, who had turned the subject of grammar into “a study which belongs in the hands of the professors.” No, he said, “It is obviously a use which belongs in the hands of the users.”

And to place it back in the hands of users, Mr. Hubbard undertook a number of highly innovative measures, starting with that redefinition of grammar as something one uses, not something one studies. Among these measures was the stripping away of ambiguities and the elimination of the arbitrary distinction between various types of modifiers. As both adverbs and adjectives have the same function, which is to modify, they became simply “modifiers.”

In short, in this extraordinary work, Mr. Hubbard clarifies the entire construction of the language and shows that grammar, when it is understood, is something one uses to facilitate and enhance meaningful communication. Other than that, he points out, it had no other useful purpose.

There is yet more to this remarkable course which has not been mentioned. For example, the very first step taken by the student on the Key to Life is a special auditing action that is unique to this course and found nowhere else on the Bridge. The results are spectacular. After this powerful auditing, one finds an individual with renewed certainty and unshakable stability.

Similarly noteworthy, after gaining an understanding of basic words, and with a firm grasp of grammar, the student examines in great depth “The Factors of Scientology,” L. Ron Hubbard’s concise and beautiful summation of thirty years of research into the human spirit and its relationship to the material universe. From these fundamental truths the student gains a profound understanding of Scientology and what it means to be a Scientologist.


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