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The New Grammar focuses not on a study of stultified rules, but on the use of grammar to facilitate communication.

The student who completes the Hubbard Key to Life Course is one who will be able to express himself easily and clearly, both verbally and in writing, and one who will fully understand the communication he receives from others. And his ability to now thoroughly understand Scientology will allow him to progress more rapidly on the Bridge.

Not only Scientologists can benefit from these breakthroughs, however, for each of these books was designed to stand alone in any educational field. And, a result of the demand from educators and educational institutions, the three component books of the Key to Life Course, Small Common Words Defined, The New Grammar and How to Use a Dictionary, are available to the growing numbers of those who see in Mr. Hubbard’s work the tools for a desperately needed educational renaissance.

The Key to Life Web site on the Internet contains more information on this major breakthrough in the fields of communication and education. It can be found at http://www.keytolife.org.


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