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The Hubbard Key to Life® Course breaks through the barriers to comprehension and assimilation of data, utilizing thousands of pictures to communicate the fundamental factors of language.

What he does not do, nine times out of ten, is go to the explanatory notes at the front of the dictionary, because he has already found that they are almost incomprehensible. So what he does do is struggle on through a fog of incomprehension, read the definition, not understand it and promptly forget it.

In fact, one can pick up a copy of Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition, look at the explanatory notes concerning etymology and one will find a very learned and extremely complex discussion of the subject that does not even define MF and MD. Nor is it defined in the body of the dictionary itself.

Where all this leaves the student, of course, is nowhere.

Mr. Hubbard’s answer was the How to Use a Dictionary book, which also utilizes illustrations to bring about understanding. How to Use a Dictionary defines not only every symbol and abbr. the student might encounter when attempting to clear up a word, but how to pronounce it and understand its derivation; how to identify parts of speech and identification marks; and even something as basic as exactly how words are alphabetized in a dictionary.

The result is a student who can use a dictionary without descending into a miasma of doubt, frustration and confusion, but instead gain the understanding he seeks.


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