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Each definition of each of these words is accompanied by an illustration which adds to an understanding of the word by providing a clear conceptual definition, a revolutionary procedure. True, most children's dictionaries are heavily illustrated to aid comprehension, but the illustrations are not integral to the written definitions as these are. This is an entirely original advancement in education.

The written definitions themselves are simplicity personified, and every word used in them, or in the book is also defined in a glossary in the back of the book. The opportunity to misunderstand words is virtually nil. As these are the words we learn to join or carry virtually everything we say, and as research has shown that they are the words that people most commonly misunderstand, this book alone is a giant step towards literacy.

The next step on the Key to Life Course, now that the student has been prepared, involves yet another crucial yet overlooked educational tool: the dictionary. Most students have never been taught exactly how to use a dictionary and when they attempt to do so, what they face is a potential minefield of misunderstood words and symbols. In view of the fact that a dictionary is supposed to be used to bring clarity and understanding, this was yet another problem Mr. Hubbard found himself confronting.

Consider this: given the potency of misunderstood words and symbols to block comprehension from the moment they are encountered, what does a student – young or old – make of this:

corvette: \kor-�vet\ n. F, fr. MF, prob. fr. MD corf, a kind of ship, lit., basket – more at corf (1636)

even before he reaches the definition of the word itself?


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