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The barrier of the misunderstood word is far more important than the other two, however. It has much to do with human relations, the mind and different subjects. It establishes aptitude or lack of aptitude and is the key to what psychologists were attempting to test for years without recognizing what it was.

A person might or might not have brilliance as a computer programer, but his ability to do the motions of computer programing is dependent exclusively and only upon definitions. There is some word in the field of computer programing that the person who is inept did not define or understand and that was followed by an inability to act in the field of computer programing.

This is extremely important because it tells one what happens to doingness and that the restoration of doingness depends only on the location and understanding of any word which has been misunderstood in a subject.

A reader coming to the bottom of a page only to realize he didn’t remember what he had just read is the phenomenon of a misunderstood word, and one will always be found just before the material became blank in his mind.

This sweeping discovery is applicable to any sphere of endeavor, and opens wide the gates to education.


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