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The materials comprising the Student Hat course contain all of L. Ron Hubbard's study technology, as contained in his written works and recorded lectures.


These barriers to study and their resolution are contained on a Scientology training course called the Student Hat. ("Hat" is a common English term for a particular duty or task assigned, taken from the fact that in many professions the type of hat worn is a badge of specific authority. In Scientology too, the term refers to one's duties and responsibilities. It also describes the written materials one studies to learn how to perform a particular function, in this case study.) The Student Hat course covers the complete technology of how to study any subject effectively. These are the materials one needs to learn in order to study successfully. This is very important for Scientologists who wish to undertake Scientology training. It will provide them with the toll needed to comprehend everything they study. Much of the study technology is contained in nine lectures Mr. Hubbard gave on learning and education, and these are all included, along with many of his pertinent writings.

This course provides a full understanding of the barriers to study and how to recognize and fully handle them. It shows one how to clear up a misunderstood word so he fully understands it and can use it both orally and in writing.

As discusssed in detail in Chapter 31, the study technology has been put to many uses: in schools, universities, buisnesses and other institutions. To make this technology available to all, the Church offers the following works in addition to the Student Hat materials:


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