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The surest way to understand what Scientology auditing can accomplish towards bettering an individual’s life is to go to a Scientology church or mission and actually experience an auditing session with a highly trained auditor. In fact, this is a vital step for new preclears.

In charting the route to higher spiritual states, L. Ron Hubbard developed processes for taking one to the next higher level of awareness. Many of these processes are designed specifically for the person just beginning auditing. There are hundreds of processes which can be used to introduce one to what auditing is and demonstrate the gains available from it. These are processes that deal, among other things, with increasing communication abilities, raising awareness, expanding affinity and willingness to assume responsibility, and even resolving the causes of unhappiness rooted in failures to adhere to a moral code or helping someone become able to learn. Introductory auditing can produce remarkable changes in conditions and increase spiritual awareness.

There are also many other kinds of introductory auditing, including:

Group Processing. Here, an auditor increases the ability of individuals being audited as part of a group. Group Processing improves a person’s alertness and awareness of the environment, as well as his communication. Some individuals have reported spectacular wins including increased havingness and even exteriorization. For more than four decades Scientologists — newcomers and old-timers alike — have enjoyed the excitement, wins and gains of Group Processing sessions, and, in fact, the sheer fun of them.


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