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Assists. These are actions that are taken to assist the spirit to deal with trauma, losses or upsets, or confront physical difficulties; while not intended to replace medical treatment, they do much to help alleviate physical pain and discomfort.

Marriage counseling. This addresses marital problems and, through the application of Scientology technology, helps couples create healthy marriages based on trust.

The fact that these services are introductory in no way diminishes their precision or their potential for providing insight into life. In fact, since these services provide an individual with his first spiritual gains from auditing, they often end up as among the most memorable services he will ever experience.

There are also other services an individual can do to begin his Scientology journey if, for example, he has difficulties with study or comprehension, or if he has a history of extensive drug use. These services all have the objective of assisting one to take his first steps onto the Bridge and continue on the path to total freedom. They are described fully in the chapters that immediately follow.

Life does not have to be an unhappy plight, but one would be hard pressed to find a person who has not had his share of knocks or who cannot name some aspect of life he would wish to improve. Millions have found the answers on introductory services at a Scientology church or mission. And, armed with these answers, they are ready to continue up the Bridge to Total Freedom.


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