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Scientology and True Spiritual Freedom
A web site describing the Scientology religion: spiritual counseling and training, enabling one to become truly free as a spiritual being.

Scientology Practices Explained
Scientology training and spiritual counseling help overcome stress and unwanted emotion, and increase personal ability, awareness and freedom.

Find out More about Scientology and Dianetics Philosophy
Scientology introductory courses and activities, basic information on churches of Scientology and Dianetics techniques.

Scientology - Dianetics - L. Ron Hubbard - Reference Page
Church of Scientology International/ Scientology spiritual counseling/ Dianetics book/ L. Ron Hubbard’s philosophy/ and much more.

Scientology Applied Religious Philosophy
The official home page for the Church of Scientology International. Includes stress help, drug help, anxiety help, marriage help.

What is the Scientology Religion?
A review of Scientology: Hubbard’s Dianetics discoveries, which led to the establishment of the Churches of Scientology and what is now a major, rapidly expanding world religion.

Scientology Education Tools for Life
A basic education in why people act as they do, man’s spiritual nature, how to improve life and relationships. Scientology study technology means you can learn.

A Bridge to a Better Life
The Scientology and Dianetics spiritual steps form a bridge to a better life. That bridge is described in this web site.

Leisa Goodman at Church of Scientology International
I work as the Media Relations Director for the Church of Scientology International, the mother church of the Scientology religion.

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