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The Aims of Scientology
Born out of the ashes of World War II, Scientology is dedicated to creating a culture without war and with ‘zero’ crime statistics.

Scientology Technology: “The Tone Scale”
Understanding this information on the Emotional Tone Scale can enable people to succeed in any aspect of life where they interact with others.

Scientology Technology: “Personal Integrity”
What is personal integrity? Why is it important in life? What does this have to do with Scientology and Dianetics?

Axioms of Scientology
The axioms of Scientology are presented here. These are the discoveries upon which the philosophy and technology of Scientology is based.

Creeds and Codes of Scientology
The creeds and codes and some of the basic philosophy of Scientology.

The Creed of the Scientology Religion
The creed of the Scientology religion is presented here in full including the Church’s views on mental health and freedom of speech.

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