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Carla Dee Tartera, a Scientologist
I feel that I am more personable with people, I know that my outlook on life has improved and I have also become more intelligent, and to top it all off - I feel good about myself.

Ruth Morgan, a Scientologist
Ruth discusses how her journey with Scientology technology has improved herself, her practice and her family.

Myron D. Culberson, DDS, a Scientologist
Myron talks about how he owes his life to Scientology technology. “It has been a tremendous help in my business and family life.”

Lisa Culberson, a Scientologist
Lisa talks about how the knowledge she has gained through Scientology technology has enabled her to create a better life for herself, her family and for those she comes into contact with each day.

Ricardo Valle, a Scientologist
Ricardo describes how he discovered the Scientology religion through friends of his interested in developing good business principles by which to practice their profession.

Kathy Quarles, a Scientologist
The Scientology Purification Rundown made it so I can see things clearer. It was like I was eight years old again. It was like taking blinders off. I could see the beauty in things.

Cathy Wainwright, a Scientologist
Cathy started using some of the things she learned and became more confident and more certain about herself.

Darlene C. O’Keeffe, a Scientologist
Scientology processes saved my life twice; the first time it helped me from going insane from pain and the second time, the Purification Rundown detoxified my body of pesticides which almost killed me.

Robert E. Morgan, a Scientologist
Robert discusses how his greatest success with Scientology technology is the improved relationship that he has been enjoying with his family. His wife is his best friend and they have gotten closer since using Scientology technology.

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