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Church of Scientology in Catania
The Church of Scientology of Catania: here to help with spiritual counseling services and training that improve your abilities to handle life.

Church of Scientology in Brescia
We invite you to find out about Scientology introductory spiritual counseling services and training.

Church of Scientology in Padova
The Church of Scientology of Padova welcomes you to find out about Scientology and Dianetics counseling services, workshops and courses.

Scientology Celebrity Centre in Firenze
The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre of Firenze, dedicated to creativity and the dream of a bright future for all.

Church of Scientology in Milano
Visit the Church of Scientology of Milano. Find out about the best-selling, self-help Dianetics book.

Church of Scientology in Torino
What is Scientology? And why is it the fastest growing religion on earth today? Because it has answers and solutions.

Church of Scientology in Pordenone
Come in and find out for yourself what the Scientology religion is and how you can use it to be happy and successful in life.

Church of Scientology in Monza
The Church of Scientology of Monza, providing hope, happiness and the ability to achieve a better life.

Church of Scientology in Verona
The Church of Scientology of Verona offers effective solutions to the real problems of today.

Church of Scientology in Novara
Stressed out by work, money, job? Visit the Church of Scientology of Novara. Learn an effective stress management technique.

Church of Scientology in Nuoro
Church of Scientology of Nuoro welcomes you to find out about Scientology and Dianetics technology for yourself.

Church of Scientology in Roma
There are times when you really need to believe in yourself... find out how at the Church of Scientology of Roma.

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