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The Scientology Axioms


Axiom 47

Theta can resolve problems.

Axiom 48

Life is a game wherein theta as the static solves the problems of theta as MEST.

Axiom 49

To solve any problem it is only necessary to become theta, the solver, rather than theta, the problem.

Axiom 50

Theta as MEST must contain considerations which are lies.

Axiom 51

Postulates and live communication not being MEST and being senior to MEST can accomplish change in MEST without bringing about a persistence of MEST. Thus auditing can occur.

Axiom 52

MEST persists and solidifies to the degree that it is not granted life.

Axiom 53

A stable datum is necessary to the alignment of data.

Axiom 54

A tolerance of confusion and an agreed-upon stable datum on which to align the data in a confusion are at once necessary for a sane reaction on the eight dynamics. (This defines sanity.)

Axiom 55

The cycle of action is a consideration. Create, survive, destroy, the cycle of action accepted by the genetic entity, is only a consideration which can be changed by the thetan making a new consideration or different action cycles.


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