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The Dianetic Axioms


Axiom 125

Excessive counter-effort to the effort of a life organism produces unconsciousness.

COROLLARY: Unconsciousness gives the suppression of an organism’s control center by counter-effort.

DEFINITION: The control center of the organism can be defined as the contact point between THETA and the physical universe and is that center which is aware of being aware and which has charge of and responsibility for the organism along all its dynamics.

Axiom 126

Perceptions are always received in the control center of an organism whether the control center is in control of the organism at the time or not.

This is an explanation for the assumption of valences.

Axiom 127

All perceptions reaching the organism’s sense channels are recorded and stored by THETA FACSIMILE.

DEFINITION: Perception is the process of recording data from the physical universe and storing it as a THETA FACSIMILE.

DEFINITION: Recall is the process of regaining perceptions.

Axiom 128

Any organism can recall everything which it has perceived.

Axiom 129

An organism displaced by plus or minus randomity is thereafter remote from the perception recording center.

Increased remoteness brings about occlusions of perceptions. One can perceive things in present time and then, because they are being recorded after they passed THETA perception of the awareness unit, they are recorded but cannot be recalled.


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