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The Dianetic Axioms


Axiom 81

Sanity consists of optimum randomity.

Axiom 82

Aberration exists to the degree that plus or minus randomity exists in the environment or past data of an organism, group or species, modified by the endowed self-determinism of that organism, group or species.

Axiom 83

The self-determinism of an organism is determined by its THETA endowment, modified by minus or plus randomity in its environment or its existence.

Axiom 84

The self-determinism of an organism is increased by optimum randomity of counter-efforts.

Axiom 85

The self-determinism of an organism is reduced by plus or minus randomity of counter-efforts in the environment.

Axiom 86

Randomity contains both the randomness of efforts and the volume of efforts. (Note: An area of randomity can have a great deal of confusion, but without volume of energy, the confusion itself is negligible.)

Axiom 87

That counter-effort is most acceptable to an organism which most closely appears to assist its accomplishment of its goal.


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