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The Dianetic Axioms


Axiom 47

Effort can be accomplished by LAMBDA only through the coordination of its parts toward goals.

Axiom 48

An organism is equipped to be governed and controlled by a mind.

Axiom 49

The purpose of the mind is to pose and resolve problems relating to survival and to direct the effort of the organism according to these solutions.

Axiom 50

All problems are posed and resolved through estimations of effort.

Axiom 51

The mind can confuse position in space with position in time. (Counter-efforts producing action phrases.)

Axiom 52

An organism proceeding toward survival is directed by the mind of that organism in the accomplishment of survival effort.

Axiom 53

An organism proceeding toward succumb is directed by the mind of that organism in the accomplishment of death.

Axiom 54

Survival of an organism is accomplished by the overcoming of efforts opposing its survival. (Note: Corollary for other dynamics.)

DEFINITION: Dynamic is the ability to translate solutions into action.


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