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The scholars found the second element through both Scientology’s life-rite ceremonies common to all religions (birth, marriage and funeral services, etc.), but predominantly through Scientology practices of auditing and training, since it is through these practices that Scientologists increase their spiritual awareness and, ultimately, attain an understanding of their relationship with the Ultimate Reality.

As to the third element, the religious experts found the religious community through which Scientologists pursue their quest for the Ultimate Reality is manifest through both the specific churches that have been established through the common belief and goals that cause adherents to join together to form and support their respective church.

Dr. Bryan Ronald Wilson, Reader Emeritus in Sociology at Oxford University and internationally respected as one of the most distinguished authorities on religious issues, has written extensively about the Scientology religion.

Scientology, he wrote, “embraces features which correspond in certain respects to some of the trends evident in the mainstream of Western religion. It employs language which is contemporary, colloquial and unmystical; and it presents its dogmas as matters of objective fact. Its conception of salvation has both proximate and an ultimate dimension.”


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