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How long do training services take?

Each service takes as long as it takes for the individual to go through the checksheet at his own pace. The length of each service will also depend on how many hours he studies per week. On the average, Scientology training takes anywhere from a few days (for most introductory services) to several months (for more advanced training).

Introductory services are designed to take one week at two hours a day. Academy training to become an auditor is generally two weeks, at forty hours a week, for each individual level.

The required time to complete the more advanced levels is quite extensive. The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, which is a chronological study of Scientology and Dianetics from 1948 to the present, takes approximately one year, at forty hours a week. This study gives the Scientologist the entire philosophic and technical development of the subject, and is the most extensive training course in Scientology.


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