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Auditor training includes an intensive series of drills on each and every aspect of delivering an auditing session and use of a special computerized E-Meter simulator for teaching a student to flawlessly handle an E-Meter. Films on important aspects of auditing also are used to facilitate learning the practical applications of auditing. A student learns his techniques cold and in every church of Scientology around the world there is but one passing standard: A student who graduates is expected to minister a 100 percent perfect auditing session every time.

Through Scientology training, that standard is reached daily.

The end result of training is that an individual is able to minister auditing to another person. Because Scientology offers an understanding of human behavior, training as an auditor also provides individuals with a means of dealing with real-life situations by understanding their causes. Training gives Scientologists the know-how to resolve difficulties in life that might otherwise appear unsolvable.


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