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L. Ron Hubbard


As copies of the manuscript circulated, Mr. Hubbard began to receive a flood of letters requesting further information and more applications of his new subject. He soon found himself spending all his time answering letters and decided to write a comprehensive text on the subject.

He first published an article on the subject. “Terra Incognita: The Mind,” appeared in the Winter-Spring 1950 issue of the Explorers Club Journal. This was followed by the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, published in May 1950. It became a nationwide bestseller almost overnight. By late summer, people across the country were not only reading the book, but were also organizing their own groups for the purpose of applying Dianetics techniques. The book has remained a bestseller ever since, becoming number one on the New York Times bestseller list almost four decades after its initial publication. It continues to appear on bestseller lists around the world.

In the course of thousands of hours of Dianetics counseling on tens of thousands of individuals all over the country, it soon became apparent that many people audited on these procedures were coming into contact with incidents that seemed to occur in previous lives. Although certain officials in the Dianetics organizations attempted to suppress research into this phenomenon, L. Ron Hubbard refused to allow this. In his subsequent investigation, during which he asked himself the question of “Who was looking at these mental image pictures?” (a question raised in 1950 in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health as a vital matter to resolve), Mr. Hubbard believed that it had to be something other than the mind itself. He came to the conclusion that it was man’s spiritual self that was doing so. Eventually, Mr. Hubbard confirmed that he was dealing with an individual who was a spirit inhabiting a body and using a mind, and that man had a fundamentally spiritual nature.


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