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The one-man effort is incredible in terms of study and research hours and is a record never approached in living memory, but this would not be considered newsworthy. To write the simple fact that a philosopher had developed a philosophy is not newspaper-type news and it would not disturb the environment. Hence the elaborate news fictions about No. 1 above.

Then take the second part of the true story: People find it interesting. It would be very odd if they didn’t, as everyone asks these questions of himself and looks for the answers to his own beingness, and the basic truth of the answers is observable in the conclusions of Scientology.

However, to make this “news” it has to be made disturbing. People are painted as kidnapped or hypnotized and dragged as unwilling victims up to read the books or listen.

The Chaos Merchant leaves No. 3 very thoroughly alone. It is dangerous ground for him. People find it works. No hint of workability would ever be attached to Scientology by the press, although there is no doubt in the press mind that it does work. That’s why it’s dangerous. It calms the environment. So any time spent trying to convince press Scientology works is time spent upsetting a reporter.


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