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When it was over, the commitment section of the bill was deservedly dead, leaving merely an act to authorize mental health funding to the territory of Alaska.

A wounded psychiatry struck back, this time utilizing the FDA as its main battering ram. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, Scientologists later uncovered a mountain of documents which well demonstrated the activities of the participants — egged on by members of both the AMA and APA. A veritable beehive of activity took place, with letters and meetings between interested psychiatric parties; the Department of Justice; the Washington, DC, police department; the United States Post Office; the IRS; the AMA of course; and even the US Army’s Criminal Investigation Command — all continuously linked and regularly prodded by a now extremely nervous psychiatry.

The upshot of all these schemes? The first action was a ludicrous failure, the second a waste of time, the third an embarrassment.


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