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Among the many, many positive reviews and articles on Dianetics were a few strategically placed “hits” specifically designed to dampen public enthusiasm.

These first negative “reviews” on Dianetics came through the American Medical Association — a group instinctively opposed to any unregulated or nonmember means to better health and living. But it was not as it appeared; it was more the result of a ventriloquism act. The actual link to the AMA was made by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) medical director, Dr. Daniel Blain, who well knew that psychiatry enjoyed nothing close to the credibility of its medical colleagues, and none of the clout. The voice of the AMA was essentially that of him and his colleagues.

But using the AMA to take potshots was only the first round. The full APA plan was far more elaborate. First, false propaganda was to be published in “authoritative” journals. Then, once the “experts” had passed judgment, these opinions would be given to mainstream media sources. Dossiers would be created to contain all this unflattering “information” and passed still further afield including, of course, to appropriate government agencies.

Although simple in both design and execution, the consequences would be far-reaching. Indeed, to one degree or another, the subsequent attacks on Dianetics and Scientology were but a result of this original scheme to fabricate dossiers and then spread them far and wide.


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