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In March, fulfilling the ever-increasing demand for information about Scientology and Dianetics, the Church released Orientation, the most important film about Scientology ever produced. Orientation takes the viewer on a guided tour of a model church of Scientology and provides a firsthand look at the religion, its beliefs and practices, its purposes, results and how Scientology relates to one’s future as a spiritual being.

Also in March, Scientology and Dianetics entered cyberspace, the vast computer network of the Internet which provides information to an estimated 50 million people around the world. The Scientology and Dianetics site is among the largest on the Internet. It comprises 32,000 pages and 7,000 photos and high-tech features such as virtual-reality tours of churches of Scientology. During its first six months, the site was visited by more than 2 million people.

The dramatic upsurge of interest in Dianetics and Scientology brought with it the necessity to streamline Church management. A corps of 100 highly trained and experienced executives assumed key positions of responsibility in all major continental zones, preparing the Church to meet the demands of expansion as Scientology moves into the future.

In May came the announcement of a watershed in Scientology history – the dawn of a Golden Age of Technology. What was meant was simply this: New technical programs and breakthroughs designed to not only bring about perfect auditors, but to make that level of perfection available to millions. For millions auditing millions was the goal that Mr. Hubbard envisioned.


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