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New OT VI and VII Released

The most significant achievement of 1980 was the release in September of another two OT levels, New OT VI and VII. Expanding the scope of gains available for the individual beyond any commonly envisioned state, these levels were soon bringing still more Scientologists to the Flag Land Base.

Mr. Hubbard issued several new bulletins on how best to make Scientology known in the early 1980s. Cities where demand was so great that new Scientology churches were opened included Phoenix, Arizona; Cincinnati, Ohio; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Berlin, Germany; Geneva, Switzerland; Tel Aviv, Israel; Canberra, Australia; Edmonton and Quebec, Canada; and four in Mexico City.

The first L. Ron Hubbard lecture series on cassette was released in 1980 by Golden Era Productions – then known as Source Productions at La Quinta and now relocated to a nearby 500-acre property to facilitate not only film production, but also audio and technical compilations for speeding Scientologists up the Bridge. And for an indication of just how big Scientology had grown by 1980: Dianetics and Scientology were now available in 52 countries at 328 organizations, missions and auditor groups, serviced by 5,150 staff who helped provide 794,990 auditing hours that year.

With liaison offices now established for Canada and Latin America, a total of eight such offices were ensuring steady expansion under Sea Organization direction. As of 1981, twelve of Mr. Hubbard’s Technical Training Films were completed and released to help standardize Scientology training. Mr. Hubbard also released the Sunshine Rundown to heighten one’s awareness of new abilities as a Clear.


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